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2121 Main Street Canadian Pharmacy: Top Quality of Drugs

2121 Main Street Canadian Pharmacy is a customer-oriented pharmacy because they are just the embodiment of the dream of the pharmacy of the future – bright, dynamic, affordable and convenient.

We vary from other online pharmacies by:

  • bright and recognizable corporate identity, dynamic design, modern software;
  • a wide range of medications and para-pharmaceutical products, cosmetics; orthopedics, products for mothers and babies, and etc.;
  • high-quality of products guaranteed by the presence of a quality control department, modern warehouse complexes, own transportation fleet and direct deliveries from the manufacturer;
  • favorable bonus program that allows you to save by paying bonuses up to 80% of the purchase;
  • professionalism and a high standard of customer care service;
  • a user-friendly website and our own referral service, which allows you to get timely advice and order drugs and health-related products without leaving your home at competitive prices.2121 Main Street Canadian Pharmacy

Online pharmacy – affordable and easy orders of medications

All conventional drugstores began to transfer their business to the Internet due to the development of information technology. An online pharmacy allows you to sell and buy medical products without queues. One more reason is you are deprived of the ability to catch a virus or infection. It is enough to type the name of the drug in the search field and the “software program” will release the results of the sought medications.

The assortment of most online pharmacies is based on such products:

  • medications. This is a drug substance in a convenient form for use. It is produced in several groups – poisons, potent and over-the-counter. They perfectly help cope with any diseases or stop pain syndrome. In the pharmacy, online drugs are presented to customers of various categories – sedatives, immunomodulatory, probiotics, dermatological, antiviral, hormonal, sexual stimulants and etc.
  • medicinal herbs (herbal supplements). The products in this section belong to alternative medicine, therefore, before using it, you need to consult your doctor, otherwise, an irreversible process may occur. This group includes herbs, tinctures and mixtures that help patients cope with various diseases, carry out inhalations, make compresses or rinsing.
  • medical supplies. This category includes products that the patient and doctor may need for examination, for collecting tests, etc. Such products include thermometers, tests, syringes, catheters, first-aid kits, suture and dressings, instruments, disposable clothing, instruments for measuring blood pressure or blood sugar, and so on.

You need to use any medications after visiting a doctor. If the process of treatment or prevention goes out of control, then the human body can be significantly damaged by these drugs. As a result, complications will begin and/or more serious diseases will develop.

How to make an order

In order to make the search for medications easier and more productive for Internet users, online stores are created with the same assortment of products as in real retail pharmacy outlets. Such a purchase can significantly save time and effort in finding the right drug or health-related product.

Before buying a drug, you need to consult a doctor, read reviews and ask advice from friends who could use such a means. In order not to harm the body, some pharmacies do not sell medications that are sold only by prescription. This can be dangerous for the patient’s health, as the consultant in the support service can not verify the availability of the prescription. Main Street Canadian Pharmacy asks to send the prescription to our customer care service to gain the right to buy prescription drugs.

To place an order from our online platform, it is enough to find the right product, add it to the shopping cart, fill in all the necessary fields and wait for the products’ delivery to any specified address. Payment is made immediately on the site using credit cards or eChecks. It depends on the preferences of the buyer.

Having such a partner as our online service, it is much easier to place and receive an order since the goods are delivered to the pharmacy from which it will be more convenient for you to pick it up.

Main Street Canadian Pharmacy History

The first pharmacy under this brand was opened over decades ago. Today Vita is a large international company having warehouses all the world. When choosing our pharmacy, you choose high-quality service from real professionals in your business, which is confirmed by more than 25 years of experience. The company has a good reputation in the pharmaceutical market.

Our company has gained such a reputation due to offers of high-quality generic medications. We cooperate only with reliable drug manufacturers. They are located in India predominantly.

Quality control

Main Street Canadian Pharmacy closely monitors the quality of all products sold.

We have our own quality control department, which daily takes a number of measures to eliminate the possibility of falsified and inadequate quality drugs getting into our pharmacies. All products sold in our pharmacy are either purchased from large national distributors or under direct contracts with manufacturers, which significantly reduces the risk of low-quality products.

In addition, for all the goods received for sale in our online store, there is a full package of documents confirming its quality. Also, our company has the opportunity to print these documents, at the request of pharmacy customers.

Strict observance of the rules for storing and transporting medications and other goods is a feature of the logistics system. The company has its own modern high-tech warehouse and an updated fleet. All cars are equipped with temperature recorders, which allows you to strictly control the temperature regime at all stages of logistics, and this is the preservation of the quality of medications and other pharmacy products for customers.

Development as a part of our company

We are looking for talented professionals who want to move forward and bring new promising ideas to our company. Discover a company where you can fully realize your potential!

Reliability and confidence in tomorrow:

  • presence in the pharmaceutical market since 1999;
  • the high pace of development;
  • guaranteed compliance with the legal regulations;
  • attractive salary;
  • motivation and bonus system.

2121 Main Street Pharmacy offers development and career growth like:

  • motivational programs;
  • corporate courses for pharmacists;
  • external education and training;
  • scholarship programs for students of medical schools;
  • free language courses (English, Germain, Spanish);
  • advanced training opportunities;
  • real career opportunities in connection with the opening of new departments;
  • 60% of all appointments from the internal personnel reserve.

Customers’ Reviews

Chloe Collier: “I regularly use the services of this store. I like the simplicity of placing an order, fast delivery, staff competence.”

Alfie Holland: “Thank for your operation! The manager called back, clarified the order. Fast delivery, it is convenient to choose the point to where the order will be delivered. Ordered delivery to the office, arrived and brought everything on time.”

Chelsea Moss: “Huge range. I try to save money and not overpay for pharmaceutical companies, and here there are a lot of cheap and rare medications that can not be found in any neighboring pharmacy. Approximately 70% of the drugs are actually lower in price than the average in conventional drugstores. Convenient with a small child. At any time of the day I make an order, they call back, bring the parcels quickly and silently. It is convenient if there are goods in the order that you do not want to say out loud.”

Michael Robertson: “Very comfortable. Compared to other pharmacies, prices are often lowe+ bonuses which is very nice. Delivery is never delayed more than expected, even comes earlier.”

Kieran Davey: “I liked the cost of an inhaler in your online pharmacy. Customer reviews are good, positive. We decided without hesitation to purchase it for a child for urgent use. I liked everything, thanks for your work!”

Benjamin Wong: “Clear work at all stages of the ordering. Well clarified customer information. Courtesy of the staff. Fully satisfied with the quality of service, assortment, prices. I will definitely use your services in the future.”

Daisy Hughes: “Good site, nice bonuses. I recommend this online pharmacy for the purchase of drugs and other medical products.”

John Coles: “This is my first order from Main Street Pharmacy. Pleasantly surprised by the prices. They are significantly lower than in the pharmacies of our city. Very fast delivery. I liked the site itself, convenient navigation, the ability to select drugs and compare prices. The order is picked up exactly according to the list.”

Nicole Hancock: “All services worked out according to the agreed terms. Thank you all, I will continue to contact and recommend to friends. I wish you success and prosperity for the benefit of all!”