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How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally at Home?


Sexual problems in men can arise at any age. But not every man has a desire or opportunity to consult a doctor. Therefore, many men are interested in how to fix erectile dysfunction naturally at home. 2121 Main Street Canadian Pharmacy is detailed guidelines for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The store also sells various drugs for sexual weakness. In this article, we will review the basic facts about this unpleasant illness.

Erectile dysfunction often strikes men who have reached the age of 50. The diseases can be caused by numerous factors: unhealthy nutrition, detrimental habits, poor ecology and other risk factors that can also affect young males.

All men with erectile dysfunction feel inferior and ashamed. Therefore, most of them prefer to cure erectile dysfunction at home and do not consult a doctor.

Erectile dysfunction: diagnosis and therapy

You can treat erectile dysfunction naturally at home, but preferably after you visit a qualified doctor. You can visit several specialists: a urologist and a sex therapist. You should not postpone the visit to the doctor. Do it as soon as you have the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It’s necessary to determine the cause of the disease in time.

Erectile disorders can be provoked by:

  • stresses at work;
  • problems in a relationship;
  • urological diseases;
  • pathological conditions like diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, or obesity.

With erectile dysfunction, a man has a weak erection or no erection at all, premature ejaculation or poor libido. All of the above symptoms indicate a sexual problem.

For each case, you should choose an individual treatment. Most often, you can treat the disease at home. Erectile dysfunction is treated well in 90%. Surgical treatment is required only in the case a man has any vascular disorders or pathologies of the urinary tract. In all other cases, a man can cure erectile dysfunction naturally at home.

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Erectile dysfunction treatment

A man who has faced this sexual problem should know that the treatment of erectile dysfunction is a long process. A man will have to review his way of life and use several techniques offered by Canadian Pharmacy.

Home treatment erectile dysfunction includes the following rules:

  • get rid of harmful habits, adjust the diet, do sports;
  • use Canada drugs to temporarily regain erection. They are taken 1 hour before sexual intercourse;
  • take drugs (prescribed by a doctor) to improve blood circulation in the small pelvis, stabilize the hormonal background and testosterone production;
  • use natural remedies for erection – medicinal plants that boost libido;
  • avoid stress and self-doubt – this can be done with the help of psychotherapeutic methods;
  • do special exercises for potency or massage. Remember that treating erectile dysfunction with stimulants is ineffective. They eliminate the problem only for a while. But changing lifestyle will give a good result.

Foods for Men’s Health & Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction

Home treatment involves not only the use of various drugs from 2121 Main Street Canadian Pharmacy but also a healthy diet. Start the treatment with healthy nutrition.

There are good and bad foods for male potency.

  • First of all, you should give up alcoholic beverages and fatty foods. Give preference to seafood: mussels, shrimps, oysters, and squid;
  • Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Walnuts and pumpkin seeds are especially useful for erection;
  • Caffeine reduces the production of testosterone, so you should limit it. Replace coffee with green tea and fresh juice. This will surely improve male sexual function.

Erectile dysfunction treatment should include the use of natural aphrodisiacs:

  • greenery. This is a perfect means to improve men’s health: mint, celery, parsley and others;
  • berries. Raspberries and strawberries boost libido due to the high content of zinc;
  • fruit. Dates, avocados, bananas are the real foods of love;
  • seafood. Oysters and mussels.
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Medications that improve potency

Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and other tablets from Canadian Pharmacy can easily restore the male function. With these pills, a man turns into a sexual giant for a few hours.

You should use them after consulting a specialist. He will prescribe the most effective treatment, basing on the individual characteristics of the body.

Mental state

Erectile dysfunction treatment is impossible without a positive attitude and a stable mental condition. Self-confidence plays a major role in the recovery process. Stress is a popular cause of sexual disorders, so it should be avoided. For this, you can visit a psychologist.

During treatment, you should not completely refuse sex. You just need to discuss the problem with the partner. Support of a loving woman will help a man regain self-confidence and speed up the recovery.

Natural remedies for impotence

You can treat erectile dysfunction naturally at home with the help of natural methods. The most effective recipes include honey, nuts, ginseng, garlic, onions, and vitamin E.

Bee products

Treatment with bee pollen and honey can quickly restore erectile function. Royal jelly and pollen can be taken in the form of drops. Taking 3-4 drops of milk or a teaspoon of pollen will help man get rid of sexual problems and improve a general health. You can prepare a healing balm using honey. You will need half a liter of honey, 500 g of aloe leaves and half a liter of red wine. Mix all ingredients and put the product in a dark and cool place. Let the mixture stand for five days. Take a teaspoon of the drink three times a day before meals. Continue treatment for a month. After that, you need to give the body a breather for two weeks and then repeat the treatment procedure.


A walnut is an excellent product for increasing male potency. Eat walnuts everyday for a month. After that, give the body a breather for two weeks and then repeat the treatment procedure.

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Take 20-25 drops of ginseng tincture several times a day before meals. The product has toning properties, so avoid using it late at night since it may cause sleep problems.

Onions and garlic

Onions and garlic are the best foods that improve potency. You need to eat a few cloves of garlic and a small head of fresh onions in salads. You can replace vegetables with a tincture of garlic, which should be taken in an amount of 20-30 grams.

Vitamin E

Lack of vitamin E poorly affects male potency and overall health. You can take an E vitamin oil, which is sold in an online pharmacy. Regular use of this oil will improve sexual activity and make you feel younger and healthier. Vitamin E can also be found in certain products: sunflower, soybean, cottonseed oil. Sprouted wheat grains contain a high concentration of vitamin E. Eating sprouted wheat grains will help normalize metabolism, improve general health and regain male power.

Other ways to increase male potency

You can prevent impotence and improve men’s health if you follow these tips:

  • Love sports. Regular physical activity prevents stagnant phenomena in the pelvic organs;
  • Have morning sex. In the morning, the hormone testosterone is produced in the body, so an erection occurs easily and does not require additional sexual stimulation;
  • Have sex regularly. Long-term abstinence from sex leads to stagnation process. So it is very harmful for men’s health. Regular sex improves sexual arousal and prevents erectile problems;
  • Stimulate active points. The human body has the points responsible for the work of different organs. Some of them influence sexual arousal;
  • Take a contrast shower. This helps to strengthen the blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

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