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Terms of Use

Ways to use the website

The user has the right to view information posted on the website.

Information on medications published on the website is provided to the Company by pharmaceutical specialists and is published on the website solely to inform users about the medications and their assortment in pharmacies. Information about drugs, including the name of the drug, its price, completeness and other data posted on the website, are provided by pharmacies and may be changed from time to time. The Company does not check and does not give guarantees to the relevance of such information, however, it will make commercially reasonable efforts to update the information on medications on the website.

User rights and obligations

The user has the right to use the website free of charge to obtain information about medications, in compliance with the terms and conditions provided for in this Agreement. User is not entitled to:

  • reproduce, distribute, process for commercial or non-commercial purposes the elements of the website;
  • reproduce the design or user interface components of the website when creating sites or conducting any commercial activities on the Internet;
  • violate the rules for using the website specified in this Agreement;
  • take other actions that may harm the Company’s activities and interests.

User agrees:

  • comply with the terms of this Agreement or stop using the website;
  • monitor changes that the Company makes to this Agreement posted on the website page.

Rights and obligations of 2121 Main Street Canadian Pharmacy

The Site Administration carries out the current management of the website, independently determines its structure, appearance, permits or restricts Users’ access to the Site in case such persons violate the provisions of this Agreement.

The site administration may post its own or third-party information materials on the website.

The site administration has the right at any time without notifying the User and without giving any reason to suspend access and the ability to use the website without reimbursing any costs or losses, including in the event of any one-time violation by the User of the terms of this Agreement.

The administration undertakes:

  • subject to the conditions set above in this Agreement, to provide the User with the right to use the website;
  • provide the technical and informational support of the User necessary to gain access to the website and its subsequent use.

The links posted on the website suggest a possible transition to the websites of third parties. The company is not responsible for the content of such sites. The online pharmacy website is also not responsible for the presence/absence and quality of any goods offered on the Internet sites, as well as for any kind of losses that the User may suffer by using such offers. The online store has the right but is not obliged to carry out a preliminary or subsequent assessment of the content of the pages of websites manually.

The website does not provide any warranties that the website will not interrupt due to technical malfunctions, preventive maintenance, etc., however, it is making commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the website operates around the clock. Our company does not provide any guarantees that the website or any of its components will function at any particular time in the future or that they will not stop working.

The online pharmacy – Main Street does not provide any warranties that the website or its components may be suitable for definite purposes of utilization. The Company cannot warrant and does not promise any specific results from the use of the Site or its elements. The site, including all scripts, individual components and design are provided as-is.

The online service is not liable and does not compensate for any damage, direct or indirect, caused to the User or third parties as a result of using or the inability to use the website, as well as as a result of the transition or inability to follow the links, unless otherwise provided by applicable law of Canada.